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This blog is dedicated to calling attention to the abuses of freedoms bestowed by the U.S. Constitution on its fair citizens by the U.S. Government itself, starting first with the routine illegal searches now being conducted by the TSA. An important lens through which this issue is viewed has to do with how the most free nation on Earth also became the nation with the highest incarceration rate, part of a larger trend unfolding in the U.S. in which folks no longer are aware of their rights, or simply don’t care when their rights are taken away. This is not a blog for Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives, but a blog for Americans and any international parties interested in the fits and starts of our Freedom Experiment. This blog also charges that the America of 2012 is no longer capable of winning the Revolutionary War, of interrogating its own beliefs about slavery, or of marching for the civil rights of others. We can no longer put a man on the moon or win wars waged on the other side of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans simultaneously. We can no longer defeat evil if the act of boarding a plane now constitutes probable cause for a warrantless search and no one cares enough to end the practice. We must assert the Constitution now before an unacceptably suspicious Brave New World is foisted upon us by the Owners of this country.


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