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On the LAPD and the Media’s Terrorism Problem

This whole situation with Dorner is fascinating to me, because all I’ve seen on the TV or heard on the radio lately has been total crap about how I’m supposed to be afraid for my life because a “killer” is still “armed and dangerous” and “at large.” Really? I’m supposed to somehow worry about my safety just because a disgruntled former LAPD officer is going around killing LAPD, when I’m not even police at all?

The problem with terrorists is that they attack civilians, use civilians for protection, and are people with whom we will not negotiate. They also disrupt the stability and predictability that we need to have a prosperous economy by sowing fear. Mass Media, Inc. is also sowing fear of a particularly egregious and irrational nature: that Chirstopher Dorner is coming for you so watch out! Police offices throughout California have also nurtured these irrational fears by sending out hysterical press releases warning citizens of impending doom. It was a transparent psychological tactic on the part of law enforcement: “Even though only we need to worry about this guy, if we successfully convince the public that they have something to worry about, they’ll help us find him.” And the media parrots played along because it gave them something horrible to sink their teeth into, and we all know where they’d be without horror…

Not only that, but (can I mention this again?) Dorner killed only people who were related to law enforcement. The only people injured in all of this who were not mentioned in his manifesto were injured by…law enforcement. So we have a scenario in which law enforcement is out there hurting people and the media is trying to convince the same public that it is the mad gunman that they need to be worried about. He was actually nice enough to publicly warn us who he was going to try to kill beforehand; I wish the same could be said for the LAPD.

Yup, two women in Torrance were fired upon by the LAPD simply for driving a truck of a similar color to Dorner’s. That gives you an idea about how much the LAPD cares about making positive ID’s before pulling the trigger, and if they’re not going to be bothered to do that, why would they give a shit about the people they accidentally maim or kill in the process? Wait, this is reminding me of something…oh yeah, DORNER’S ENTIRE MANIFESTO IS ABOUT HOW THE LAPD HAS INSTITUTIONAL PROBLEMS WITH THE WAY THEY TREAT PEOPLE. Read it. While not particularly well written, it’s also not as “rambling” or “maniacal” as the reporters who pretended to read it and then offered their hyperbole on national TV would have you believe. Yes, you get the sense that Dorner clearly has a screw loose, but you also get a picture that he’s seen some systemic ethical breakdowns over and over on the force and was expected to keep his mouth shut about it, not unlike a soldier with PTSD who became so profoundly damaged because his superiors asked him to repeatedly do unethical things.

Of course the same force that was responsible for the savage beating of Rodney King would fire on innocent civilians without first confirming their I.D. (not to mention first having that pesky thing called a trial). Of course that same department would allow Powell et  al. to fail upwards into their highest ranks. Of course the cops lied to cover up Dorner’s partner after he reported her for gratuitously roughing up a mentally ill arrestee and used his behavior of breaking rank to fire him. (The only place whistleblowers aren’t hanged is the financial sector.) So why would it be some great mystery that the same force might train someone, push them to the point of breaking bad, and then be targeted by that same individual when he finally runs amok a few years later?

Just think: if the LAPD had Predator drones with Hellfire missiles attached, how many city blocks’ worth of rubble would there be in L.A.? In San Diego? How many civilians would be dead right now because they merely looked like Dorner or drove the same make of truck that Nissan sold millions of that year?

So, while Dorner’s methods will completely delegitimize the very valid and real attention he was trying to call to the LAPD not giving a shit about people and being completely bereft of any semblance of humanistic values, and he will doubtless be dead by the time you read this, the problem will remain, and DHS will eventually give the LAPD the Predator and missiles mentioned above. Then, everyone living in LA will be completely fucked…but at least they saw it coming because I told them here first.

And finally, Dorner is damaged, but it appears he’s mostly damaged because he couldn’t come up with a better way of coping with having to sell his soul and have his character destroyed than gettin’ out there and killin’ some folk. Sorry dude. You chose poorly. Why not just become an alcoholic, start using needle drugs, or have a midlife crisis? That’s how you’re expected to deal with it in our culture. Dorner broke the rules in more ways than one.


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